Even with the freely available information on the Internet about engineers being among the top earners in the world, what could be the obstacle to you pursuing this career? You are most likely to agree that unless you secure or get government sponsorship, it will be challenging for you to pay college fees. 

Considering that some countries have learning institutions, which produce the best engineers at undergraduate and PhD levels, specific individuals opt to study abroad. Regardless of the destination a student wants to pursue his or her education, getting financial support is crucial. Therefore, civiltoday.com provides a list of some of the engineering scholarships you might want to apply for or advise someone interested in STEM programs to consider. 

An Upcoming Scholarship for Engineering Students

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

Are you looking for engineering scholarships in Germany to pursue your master’s degree or PhD? If you are one of such individuals, it would be best to consider applying for the DAAD program. A student can either study in English or German. In case you select the former option, proof of mastery in written and oral proficiency is necessary. However, eligible candidates wishing to study in German must attain at least a B1 level in the German language.

DAAD scholarship application would open from October to August 2023. Besides paying for your tuition fees, you will enjoy various perks. For instance, candidates admitted through scholarship are eligible for travel allowance as well as insurance cover for accident and personal liability. What is more, doctoral and master’s students receive 1,200 and 861 euros, respectively, every month.

Depending on students’ majors or specializations, you will take about a year or 2 to graduate with a master’s degree and 42 months for a PhD. Individuals from minority communities and developing countries should consider capitalizing on the upcoming opportunity and apply scholarship. You must be ready to study in Germany as it would be impossible to undertake the entire studies online. 

List of scholarships for engineering students offered in English 

UCL Global Masters Scholarships

Have you ever wanted to study in the United Kingdom? With University College London (UCL) offering about 75 scholarships in any discipline, you can take advantage of this opportunity to advance your engineering education.

This program at UCL aims to promote equity and equality in academics by targeting students from low socioeconomic backgrounds across the world. Most programs take about a year, but some require 24 months. Considering that the academic program seems short, UCL focuses on imparting students with hands-on experience, suggesting that studying online would be impossible. 

If your program takes a year, you will receive funding of approximately £15,000. However, those studying for two years would receive two installments of £7, 000. The deadline for applying for this scholarship is 17 April 2023 per annum. 

Nottingham Developing Solutions Scholarships

If you are from India, Africa, or one of the chosen Commonwealth nations and looking for scholarships for engineers in one of the European countries, it would be best to consider the Developing Solutions Scholarships. It is worth understanding that the University of Nottingham started this program to help scholars bring meaningful change in their respective states. 

Depending on your financial need, you can receive either full or half funding. Therefore, an international student should be keen to specify the type of sponsorship he or she requires to complete a master’s degree in engineering. Application for this scholarship closes on 17 May 2023 every year. 

Singapore International Graduate Award

Whereas many scholarships for engineering students in 2023 aim at helping master’s students, SINGA opted to support doctorate studies. In particular, Singapore University aspires to continue supporting individuals with an interest in research.

This scholarship for engineering students benefits approximately 240 individuals every year. International students must demonstrate outstanding academic records, proficiency in oral and written English, and a passion for scientific exploration. If you wish to benefit from this program, you must apply before June 2023. 

After securing admission to pursue PhD in engineering, you can choose to conduct your research in one of the following institutes:

  • The Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)
  • Nanyang Technological University (NTU
  • National University of Singapore (NUS)
  • Technology and Research (A*STAR),
  • The Agency for Science

However, when pursuing your doctoral study in Singapore, you are more likely to work on different engineering projects, such as constructing bridges and skyscrapers or overseeing some administrative tasks. For that reason, you might complete field and laboratory work but encounter a challenge in writing your research papers. In this case, you might know how to balance your academic and professional work by considering civil engineering assignment help from experts. Engineering helpers from CustomWritings would help you with searching for custom referencing materials that will definitely give you a short period to do your engineering homework assignments. 

Other Engineering Scholarships

Hungary Government Scholarship

Do you know that a student does not have to wait until he or she finishes undergraduate to benefit from an engineering scholarship? Immediately after finishing high school, you can consider applying for Hungary Government Scholarship, commonly known as Stipendium Hungaricum.

The Tempus Public Foundation, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, manages this program. Since its initiation in 2013, hundreds of engineering students have benefited. 

Students pursuing bachelor’s and master’s degrees receive a stipend of approximately HUF 43,700 per month. Other benefits of pursuing your engineering under this scholarship concern getting free medical coverage and accommodation. Regardless of your nationality, you can apply for this 100% sponsorship. 

Engineering and IT Foundation Graduate Scholarship

The University of Melbourne started this sponsorship to support the dream of students who wish to advance their studies in either Information Technology or Engineering. Individuals pursuing graduate programs can get up to AUD 10,000 in funding for tuition. Ideally, the program pays this amount once. 

If you have an outstanding entry score, you can get approximately $5,000 yearly for a duration not exceeding 24 months. Depending on your GPA, the amount can be as high as $10,000 yearly. As long as you are from one of the commonwealth countries, you can apply for this Engineering and IT Foundation Graduate Scholarship. 

With the global efforts to solve contemporary problems, most countries are offering partial or fully funded scholarships for not only their citizens but also international students. Some nations require students to study in their language, but most teach in English. Even though a majority of financial sponsorships are for master’s degrees, you can get those that would assist students in completing their undergraduate and doctoral education. Considering that you might need assistance during admission application in writing personal statements or while trying to balance between academics and job, you can consider the professional help.  



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