What is Concrete Slab?

Concrete slab, a very common and important structural element, are constructed to provide flat, useful surfaces. It is a horizontal structural component, with top and bottom surfaces parallel or near so.

Concrete Slab

The depth of a concrete slab floor is very small compared to its span. Slabs may be supported on two sides only or have beams on all four sides.


Concrete Slab Support

The concrete slab may be supported by-

  • Masonry or reinforced concrete Walls
  • Monolithically casted reinforcement concrete beams
  • Structural steel members
  • Columns
  • The ground


Concrete Slab Construction

Concrete floor slabs may be in situ or prefabricated. The in situ concrete slab floor are built using form-work, which is commonly made of wooden planks & boards, plastic or steel. Usually ground slabs do not require any form-work.


Concrete Slab Reinforcement

Reinforcing steel for slabs is primarily parallel to slab surface. Straight bar reinforcement is generally used, although sometimes alternative cranked bar is used.  


Video Lecture

In the following video you can watch a video lecture about concrete slab: 



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