The subject Open Channel Flow is so reach of variety. Because of high practical importance, engineers need to have clear understanding about all the concepts of Open Channel Flow. Therefore, "Open Channel Flow" becomes a very important subject at graduate level.

Open Channel Flow Syllabus

Typically in the course of "Open Channel Flow" following topics are discussed:

  • Open channel flow
  • Open channel classification
  • Velocity and pressure distributions in open channel flow
  • Energy equation
  • Specific energy and transition problems
  • Critical flow and control
  • Principles of flow measurement and devices
  • Concept of uniform flow
  • Chezy and Manning equations
  • Estimation of resistance coefficients and computation of uniform flow
  • Momentum equation and specific momentum
  • Hydraulic jump theory and analysis of gradually varied flow
  • Computation of flow profiles
  • Design of open channels.

Open Channel Flow Books

There are many books written about Open Channel Flow. Name of some most read books along with the writer name are given below. Click on the book name to see details about the book, topics, free eBook PDF download link, eBook shop link etc.

  • Open Channel Hydraulics By Ven Te Chow
  • Open Channel Hydraulics By R H French
  • Open Channel Flow By Henderson
  • Open channel hydraulics by Osman akan


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