As we know, the utmost functions of partition walls are for room division. The advantages of partition walls are remarkably needed for building’s room design and division. However, partition walls have other functions and advantages. Such as:

  • Divide the whole area into many rooms.
  • Provide privacy to the inmates from sight and sound.
  • Partition walls are light in weight and cheaper in cost of construction
  • Occupy less area
  • They can be easily constructed in any position
  • Provide adequate privacy in rooms in respect of both sight and sound
  • Constructed from light, sound, uniform, homogeneous, durable, and sound insulating materials
  • Partition walls are simple, easy, and economical in construction having proper coherence with the type of building structure
  • Offer sufficient resistance against fire, heat, dampness, white ant or fungus, etc
  • Rigid enough to take the vibrations caused due to loads
  • The partition walls are strong enough to support sanitary fittings and heavy fixtures


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