Sedimentary rocks are a kind of rock. here we are going to discuss sedimentary rocks, types, etc.

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  • What are Sedimentary Rocks?
  • Types of Sedimentary Rocks

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    What are Sedimentary Rocks?

    Sedimentary rock is made up of sedimentary particles combined by water, wind, or gravity. Sedimentary rock is often found near the surface of the earth.

    Types of Sedimentary Rocks

    Based on origin can be classified into 4 groups.

    • Clastic sedimentary rocks: quartz, feldspar, clay minerals, or mica
    • Biochemical sedimentary rocks: limestone, coal, chert
    • Chemical sedimentary rocks: oolitic limestone, halite (rock salt), sylvite, baryte, and gypsum.
    • Sedimentary rocks are formed by volcanism, impacts, and other minor processes: volcanic tuff, breccias, etc.

    Followings are the type of sedimentary rocks based on composition

    • Siliciclastic sedimentary rocks
    • Carbonate sedimentary rocks
    • Evaporite sedimentary rocks
    • Organic-rich sedimentary rocks
    • Siliceous sedimentary rocks
    • Iron-rich sedimentary rocks
    • Phosphatic sedimentary rocks






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