Storage of cement is predominate for constructional works. Hence, correct arrangements for storing the cement for constructions come are needed. It preserves its quality and fitness of cement to be used.

Cement may be an absorbent construction material. It reacts with wetness either in liquid or in vapor forms quickly. In the presence of wetness, cement undergoes a chemical process termed as hydration. Cement becomes useless once the hydration method has taken place. Cement will stay in shape as long because it encounters wetness. Moisture may be a huge enemy of cement and thus cements luggage never keep for an extended amount.

Requirements of a Godown or Warehouse Used for Cement Storage

For the sake of the building materials’ higher quality, each material ought to have a godown or warehouse for storage. Below are the subsequent characteristics of a godown or warehouse to stored cement at work sites. Such as:

  • A godown would not allow dampness to urge to cement.
  • Godown or warehouse itself ought to be sited in a very strategic purpose that will create it simple for providers to urge to get the good condition of cement. This implies the storeroom ought to be sited solely wherever it will not be tough for trucks to urge merchandise to employees.
  • Space ought to be created accessible so, throughout stocking, loaders will simply drop off bags with ease.
  • Lighting ought to be created accessible also.
  • Godown or warehouse should not be specified moisture would emerge from the ground to satisfy the equipped products.
  • The warehouse should have enough workforces to facilitate the movement of products in and out of the warehouse.


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