The skillion roof is a distinctive roof consisting only one isolated unvarying surface. The attributes are significant than the standard smooth tents. The disparity between the standard roof and skillion roof is the distinguishable perpendicular pitch. The skillion roof is mostly about pragmatic domicile with bright lines and a contemporary demeanor. The only slope of skillion roofs makes an attractive option for those who appreciate minimalistic features.

It has many distinct designations given by the experts like- Mono-pitched roofs, Lean-to roofs, Shed roofs, Pent roofs. In the Victorian times, skillion roof was a widely known roofing methodology which was maneuvered for home extensions. Despite being a roof, they do not need to be clamped to any fragment of the roof.

We can utilize the skillion roof for both people and animal as it is said that the skillion roof helps to lower the temperature by five degrees.

Skillion Roof

Materials used in Skillion Roof

The conventionally maneuvered substances for skillion roof are- Standing seam metal roof, wood shakes and shingles, and asphalt shingles. Skillion roofs usually sanction water to skedaddle constructively. As skillion roofs are prone to give the industrial/minimalist look, it attracts aerodynamic roofing substances. Finishes like those incorporate substances like metal. If you want shelters to have a superior depletion system, you necessitate a less compressed sealed construction envelope. To get this done, we better use rubber integuments. We can also use indispensable roofing diaphragms.

Types of Skillion Roof

As skillion roofs are quite demanding now, they have modifications like- oviform- circular depictions and butterfly roof. Butterfly roofs are famous for having two skillions. It gradients down in the direction of the center. This scheme is a functional way to store water, which works like big supremacy for houses in drought regions.

Uses of Skillion Roof

Followings are the major uses of the skillion roof:

  • killion roofs are a heap, plain sailing and quite rapid while constructing
  • These roofs authorize water drainage as they have a steeper pitch
  • These roofs can be personalized according to the customer’s preference
  • The isolated slope of skillion roof entails fewer components
  • Roofs like skillion roofs can be used as an extension
  • Skillion roofs allow eco-friendly insertions like solar panel and skylights
  • These roofs dispense more natural illumination to the households because of their long slope
  • It has strong diagram element
  • Skillion roofs evoke bucolic and manufacturing threads
  • Skillion roof provide broad exterior on top
  • Skillion roofs last longer compared to the horizontal caliber roofs

Disadvantages of Skillion Roof

Followings are the disadvantages you may face with the skillion roof:

  • Skillion roof might result in the low height of the ceiling if the pitch is way too steep
  • Skillion roofs sustain vandalism easily in hurricane force winds
  • The gradients of these roofs are way too compressed if we compare them with the typical roofs shaping like gable and hip.
  • Skillion roofs provide less attic space.


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