A door, no matter what it is, whether a front or back or even interior is your entrance and exit part. A door in your home has to face a lot of challenges, sometimes your anger, your sadness, the arrival of any big furniture, natural calamities and many more. For this reason, the door faces a lot of challenges. Don’t you think to handle all these difficulties you must have a strong full furnished door? A strong consistent door will give you strength for your house and also good protection and security. In this article, we are here to unlock several parts of a door so that you can be extra cautious when buying it. Let’s not waste any more time and jump into it.

Parts of a Door

Every door is different from each other. It is even harder to describe how many kinds of doors are available in the market right now. Doors are not the aesthetic features of your house anymore rather it has become an important part of your house too. It keeps you safe from unwanted strangers and gives you privacy. So your door can only be perfect. Doing anatomy of a door is quite difficult. It is not always the same in every door but some parts of every door design are common. So choose your defined door as you need.

  • Casing: Casing is actually the frame of a door. The door is attached through hinges with it. It is actually built into the wall.
  • Hinges: Hinges are quite an important part of a door. It secures the door to the frame. Also, it enables a swinging motion.
  • Stiles: Stiles is the sides of a door. Hinges are attached to the door. The lock and the knob are placed to the lock style.
  • Rails: Rails is the horizontal top and bottom parts of a door.
  • Panels: Panels is the main surface of the door. Though having multiple panels are common for doors but some doors have single panels.
  • Lock: Don’t you want security for your house? Locks are your security chamber. Only if you unlock it, then only it will open. This is your security shut. Now no expected can bug into your house.

Anatomy of a door requires talking about hinges. Does a door hinge have to know how to swivel otherwise what is the use of it? The attaching mechanism is always a pin. Usually, it looks like a long bolt without the thread.

  • Leaf: Usually a hinge has two leaves. One leaf remains attached to the door, the other with the door. They are connected through a pin.
  • Pin: It is a bolt-like object. It ties the leaf together.
  • Screw holes: The objective of screw holes is to attach leaves to the door and the frame.
  • Knuckles: Knuckles interlock tubes on the leaf. The pin is able to connect them but not stopping swivel motion.
  • Knobs: Knobs are a small but inevitable part of a door. Depending on the door locking system, knobs are different. Good news is that you do not need to make it, you can easily get it from the market.

Depending on types of doors they come with different types of components in them. It sometimes depends on your economic class what kind of door you want to choose. You must not overlook components of any door. Doors are sliding, patio, door, and other types. Here some extra components of a door that you will get in different kinds of doors.

  • Threshold: This is a decorative component. It lies at the bottom of a sliding or hinged glass door. It can help you to transit from the door to the interior flooring.
  • Thumb-turn: This is a component of a door and it can be extended with a deadbolt or a latch bolt by simply a grasp. This grasp can be with the thumb and fingers.
  • Sweep: Sweep is not common in every door and you will not see in every door. This is an energy efficient and water resistant weather stripping system at the bottom of the door. It forms a seal against air and water filtration.
  • Interlocker: This is the upright part of a door panel in a sliding door. It engages with a corresponding piece when the door is closed.
  • Sidelights: Sidelights are not so common component in every door. These are the tall and narrow fixed glass panels. They are attached on either side of the door frame.
  • Hinged Glass Panel: These works well on patio doors. It opens inward to allow access to our snap in between the glass binds.

Doors and your economical condition

Depending on your economic condition, you must choose what kind of facilities you want from your door. Thanks to the scientific technologies, because with their help, you can install touch screen or fingerprint locks in your doors. These are even safer, you can also install face lock so your door will only open by recognizing your face. These hinges come in various types and make your doors flexible and swivel as maximum it can. There is a wide variety of frame, so come out of the box and start getting creative with your frame. Knobs are a symbol of your class. So choose your knob wisely and enjoy the aristocracy.


There are parts of a door that is common for every door. You can now look for what you want from your door and reset it according to your needs. Your door should no more be a simple wooden board only rather it should be your canvas where you can experiment as much as you want. You should look for a door that suits your balance and then go to buy it. You must make sure that no matter how good it looks, everything will go in vain if it does not ensure security or privacy and is strong enough. So get yourself a door that answers all your queries. 



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