You cannot be always sending your furniture to repair centers for every wear and tear that happens. True, isn’t it? That is why chalk paint has been manufactured to save all your unwanted expenses so that you can refurbish and refinish your old furniture independently. You might now wonder that what are the specialties of chalk paint that enables it to be a hit product to be used by all people who like to do things independently?

Well, this is why we are here today! We will enlighten you regarding what is chalk paint, how to use chalk paint for painting furniture and as well as some pros and cons of chalk paint that needs to be there in your minds.

What is Chalk Paint?

To begin with, people often get themselves puzzled between two terms that are “chalkboard paint” and the other one is “chalky paint or chalk paint”. Chalk paint basically gives your furniture a chalky finish. Providing a chalky finish enables you to cover stain, lacquer, shellac or polyurethane without the need of doing any sort of work beforehand. You will not need to worry about the sort of finish your furniture has. Be it oil or latex based finish chalk paint has the ability to work at all sort of surfaces.

Moving on to chalkboard paint, this paint is used to create a finish on boards or anything suitable so that you can write on the surface using chalk and then erase with a duster. To be precise, it is used for the making of chalkboards.

Advantage of Chalk Paint

Followings are the advantages of chalk paint:

  • You will not be needing to take any sort of beforehand preparations before using the chalk paint. Chalk paints are ready to use after it is bought.
  • Chalk paints are long lasting.
  • Chalk paints can be used to paint any sort of surface desired.
  • No specific technique of application needs to be learned.

Disadvantages of Chalk Paint

Followings are the advantages of chalk paint:

  • The cost of the chalk paint, wax and brush is high.
  • To seal chalk paint there is a requirement of adding a seal to it using wax.

To sum up, even if the whole procedure of using chalk paint sounds a bit costly, we can assure that the cost spent will be way less than the cost required for sending furniture to repair centers. The best part of using chalk paint is that you don’t need to have knowledge regarding the technique of application and you can mend your old furniture with complete independence. 




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