Pitched Roof vs Flat Roof

The pitched roof and flat roof have several differences.

In the following table the main differences between Pitched Roof and Flat Roof are given:


Pitched RoofFlat Roof
Aesthetically Pitched roofing is seen as the more traditional option. Flat roofing is popular with modern and contemporary designs.
More thermally effective, as it reduces the surface of the walls in contact with the outside world. Pitched roofs are common in areas with wet and changing weather conditions for this reason. Flat roofs are more popular in dry, hot areas.
At a pitched roof, wind forces break at the ridge. The suction power on the downwind side is only little. Small-format roofing materials are easily lifted by the wind and drop back into their original position. So they are structurally more stable. Structurally less stable. At a flat roof, the wind current applies behind the ridge and generates a negative pressure, which lifts roofs like the wing section of an aero plane.
Despite lower maintenance costs, the initial cost of construction is comparatively high. However, subsequent pitched roof repairs are often less expensive than their flat roof counterparts. the quick turnaround time on a flat roof installation can be very appealing due to vastly reduced downtime.
Due to their design, pitched roofs are also more reliable when it comes to drainage, with water naturally channeled into downpipes and guttering, and removed from the property. Drainage is often less efficient compared to pitched roofing, so property owners in areas which see heavy or prolonged rainfall may think twice. This can, however, be rectified with a green roof, or dedicated drainage solutions.
There is little scope for utilizing the space above a pitched roof. Flat roofing systems allow using the space on the rooftop. For example, a rooftop garden or a rooftop heating and cooling system.


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