Theodolite is a surveying instrument. It is very popular in measuring horizontal and vertical angles. There are different types of theodolite available in the market. To fulfill the purpose of a specific one must choose the right type of theodolite for the surveying. Different theodolite types are discussed in the following segments.

Types of Theodolite

There are various kinds of theodolites for different purposes of different constructional works. Usually, four types of theodolites are uses in site works for different measuring points. Such as-

  1. Repeating Theodolite
  2. Directional Theodolite
  3. Electrical Digital Theodolite
  4. Total Station

To clearly saying, theodolites can be also classified into two types

  1. Primary Theodolite
  2. Electronic Digital Theodolite
Types of Theodolite

These types of theodolites are briefly discussed below.

Theodolite Classification 1

This classification of theodolite contains four types of theodolite which are discussed below.

Types of Theodolite picture

Repeating Theodolite

This design facilitates horizontal angles to be remade any number of times and added directly on the instrument circles. This type of instruments is restricted for locations where

  • the support is not steady, or
  • area for using other such instruments is limited.

Directional Theodolite

Angles are obtained by deducting the first direction reading from the second direction reading. This reads directions rather than angles. The non-repeating instrument has no minor motion.

Electrical Digital Theodolite

Naturally interprets and records horizontal and vertical angles. Eliminates the standard reading of scales on graduated circles

Total Station

The total Station accommodates the functions of a theodolite for measuring angles, an EDM for measuring gaps, digital data, and information documentation. Examples of Total Stations are the Nikon DTM 801, Topcon, and Geodimeter 400 series.

Theodolite Classification 2

This classification of theodolite contains two types of theodolite which are discussed below.

Theodolite Classification 2

Primary Theodolite

Primary Theodolite can be two types.

  1. Transit Theodolites: A theodolite is named a transit theodolite once its telescope will be transited i.e. rotated through a whole revolution regarding its horizontal axis within the vertical plane.
  2. Non-Transit Theodolite In this kind, the telescope cannot be transited. They are inferior in utility and have currently become obsolete.

Electronic Digital Theodolite

This type of theodolite provides the worth of observation directly within the viewing panel. The exactitude of this sort of instrument varies within the order of 1" to 10". It has also two types.

  1. Vernier Theodolites: For reading the graduated circle, verniers are used to correct reading of measuring points and this theodolite is termed as a Vernier theodolite.
  2. Micrometer Theodolites: A micrometer provides to browse the graduated circle identical be termed as a Micrometer theodolite.

This Digital theodolite is also known as Modern Theodolite and can perform the following functions:

  • Distance measurement
  • Angular measurement
  • Data processing
  • Digital display of point details
  • Storing data is an electronic field book


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