As the years are passing by the concern of going green is rising all around the world. This is resulting in technology to advance to make sure plants are being well maintained for their proper growth. One of the greatest irrigation methods that have been invented for taking care of plants in a proper way is sprinkler irrigation.

Now, as it is being mentioned, the question “What is sprinkler irrigation system?” popped in your mind! Didn’t it? Well to enlighten you furthermore, we have listed below details regarding what is sprinkler irrigation and as well the advantages and disadvantages of it.

What is the Sprinkler Irrigation System?

When you witness rainfalls you must have seen how droplets of water get distributed equally among all the crops that have been planted in an individual field. The plants seem to come back to life because of gaining a sufficient amount of water after each rainfall that happens. Inspired from the way of natural rainfall the method “sprinkler irrigation system” was made by creative experts of technology.

Just like how rainfall distributes water, sprinkler irrigation is a system that allows water distribution through a system of pipes. The water is passed through the pipes by pumping and with the help of sprinklers the water is sprinkled into the air. The water is then converted into small droplets like rain which then falls on the crops in a field.

Doesn’t this sprinkler irrigation seem a mind-blowing technology that will ease farming and also increase the yield of the crop? Well of course it does. To further enlighten you regarding the wonders that this amazing technology do we have listed below some important advantages. However, it does have some disadvantages which are obvious for any innovative technology made by man to have.

Advantages of a Sprinkler Irrigation System

There are situations when the sprinkler system has more advantages than other types of irrigation methods. Followings are the major advantages of the sprinkler irrigation system: 

  • It is affordable and completely easy to set up. You will not be needing to spend much on labor cost for setting it up.
  • There is no requirement of using many areas of your field for setting up the sprinkler irrigation.
  • The interference with cultivation for setting up the sprinkler irrigation is very less. So, you will not face a huge loss.
  • Frequent application of water can be supplied to the plants you will not need to do it yourself.
  • The water distribution will always be equal.
  • The amount of water being supplied can be controlled so you will be also able to save water depending on the necessity and requirements of plants.
  • The sprinkler irrigation is suitable for setting up in all types of soil.
  • This system can be used for other purposes as well such as cooling during high temperature.

Disadvantages of a Sprinkler Irrigation System

Followings are the disadvantages of the sprinkler irrigation system: 

  • The cost investment cost required for purchasing the equipment of the sprinkler irrigation system is high.
  • Using the sprinkler irrigation for supplying saline water can result in problems to arise.
  • For spraying water droplets evenly there is a requirement of constant water supply.
  • There is a chance of water getting evaporated from the sprinkler irrigation when the surrounding environment is windy and high in terms of humidity.
  • There is a chance of the nozzles of the sprinklers getting clogged due to the deposit of debris and sediments from water that is used.
  • There is a requirement of continuous power supply for operating the sprinkler irrigation system.


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