Concrete is an erection material composed of cement, fine aggregates (sand) and coarse aggregates mixed with water. Portland cement is the mostly used cement for the production of concrete. It is the most popular artificial material. Probably It is used more than any other man-made product in the world.

Uses of Concrete

Some utilization of concrete are given below:

  1. It’s an important building product. Concrete is chosen over wood as a construction material.
  2. It is a durable and cost-effective material which is a necessity for underground use. 
  3. Concrete is a sustainable choice for residential and commercial projects. 
  4. The strength of concrete increases over time. 
  5. Concrete can hold up against weather condition and is easy to maintain. 
  6. It is budget friendly to use everywhere. It is easy to repair & energy efficient.  
  7. Concrete is safe for building occupants.  
  8. Concrete is an inert material which doesn’t burn, mildew or feed rot.  
  9. Its superior structural integrity provides added degree of protection from the severe weather as well as an earthquake.  
  10. Concrete walls and floors make a home quite place of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.  
  11. Concrete is produced from locally available materials and leaves a small environmental footprint while still providing high-level durability.  
  12. It is used as aggregate in roadbeds or as granular materials while making new concrete. 
  13. Concrete is fire resistant. It can resist extreme level of flames and heat which is a good choice of the ceiling in a storage room. 
  14. Concrete can be shaped in various forms when freshly mixed. 
  15. Concrete isn’t sensitive to moisture.  
  16. It doesn’t release any volatile organic compounds into the air which is environment-friendly. 
  17. Concrete gives a longer service life. 
  18. It keeps home safe from insects. It doesn’t attract insect pest and rodents. That’s why small animals cannot burrow through the concrete to make a home. 
  19. Concrete has multiple design possibilities.  
  20. Concrete can be used to achieve optimum environmental performance. 
  21.  As it is recyclable, it is possible to use it for addition.  
  22. High-performance concrete is used to build bridges.  
  23. Concrete is able to accommodate steel reinforcements in gates, tunnel lines, electrical controls.  
  24. A concrete floor can be stamped to create an attractive surface. It can admit natural light during the day and transmit artificial light after work.  
  25. Concrete is used in driveways and patios.


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