Different types of timbers of tropical area are mixed to make this type of plywood. Though previously it was only collected from the Asian region, now also from Africa and America it is collected. Tropical plywood popular for some special qualities like

  • Strength
  • Density 
  • Evenness  
  • Inflexibility 
  • Resistance quality 
  • Thickness

South Asia being tropical region manufactures plywood most. Countries like Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Dubai and even in America, England this type is used. The bad impact of this type is that for extreme production of this type deforestration is becoming a great problem to some countries like Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia because of this countries export plywood worldwide. Specially Malaysian plywood is known as Malaysian board in Bangladesh and huge popular among bangladeshies because of its higher thickness.

Uses of Tropical Plywood

Followings are the uses of Tropical Plywood:

  1. For construction
  2. For furniture 
  3. Concrete Strand 
  4. Base of floor  
  5. Structure strands 
  6. Flooring of containers


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