Hardwood Plywood is made from angiosperms. This type of plywood is identified by its firmness, hardness on surface, inflexibility, resistance quality. This can be used to bear heavy weight.

Uses of Hardwood Plywood

Following are the common uses of Hardwood Plywood:

  1. For flooring of houses.
  2. Used for giving structures to walls.
  3. Mostly used for wear resistance.

These are the general uses. Some special Hard plywood bear special qualities and used for different purposes is described below:

  1. Hard plywood especially from wood like Birch (Betula sp.) which is used for
    1. Turbine blades for windy machinery.
    2. LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) carrier box making.
  2. Some hard plywood are coated with the phenolic resin which is used for Panels in concrete formwork systems
    1. Floors of containers.
    2. Top roofs, floors, side walls of vehicles are made of this type of plywood. 
    3. Construction of scaffolding.
  3. Birch plywood is moderated with two combined characteristics smoothness and thickness which enhances the durability of this type. And used for:
    1. Painting boards
    2. The base structure of flooring. 
    3. Furniture making. 
    4. Sports stadium construction. 
    5. Sports equipment. 
    6. Musical instruments


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