The main motive of the concrete curing process is to reduce water loss from freshly placed concrete. It also reduces heat loss in the atmosphere. Moreover, curing in construction minimizes the temperature gradient throughout the concrete cross-section.

Generally, the following methods are used for the curing of concrete.

  1. Ponding and immersion.
  2. Wet coverings plastic sheets.
  3. Wet coverings.

Disadvantages of Ponding Curing

The method is used for flat surfaces like pavements and floors.

  • Ponding curing needs to be done under continuous supervision by professional labors.
  • Cold wind affects ponding.
  • After curing, a large amount of water needs to be disposed of the curing side.

Disadvantages of Polythene Sheets

The method is based on the theory that concrete will not be exposed in the air and no evaporation takes place. The followings are the reason why should you avoid curing by polythene sheets.

  • Polythene sheets can be easily blown off.
  • This does not work in windy weather.
  • Polythene sheets may cause discoloration.


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